In 1986, following instructions from HH Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, a complete restoration of the fort was completed and a third tower was added to the two older towers.
The Red Fort

Gravel and red plaster were used in the construction of the walls of the fort and hence it was named the red fort.


Sandal wood was used in the beams and supports for the construction of the roofs. The fort is completely surrounded by trees from all directions and a well is located close to the fort that was used in drinking water extracted from it using the (Yazera) technique which consisted of ropes, attached from one end to long wooden polls with a bucket suspended from the other side, to collect water from the well. An ox is believed to be used in pulling the bucket out of the well and emptying it into pre-built pipes that were used in drinking and irrigation.

The main components of the (Yazera) include: al Manyor, the bucket, al rasha, al mars, subi, musa’ed, zelwal and barad.


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