The end of Ramadan need not signal an end to the feeling of increased spiritual connectedness. Here are 40 ways to keep the Ramadan spirit strong.
40 ways to make the spirit of Ramadan Last the whole year


“Actions are judged by intentions” (Bukhari and Muslim) said the Prophet, and Ramadan helps to bring this saying fully into focus by requiring us to make the intention to fast.

5. Make an intention to act before every action. This will mean that there will be a conscious decision; and the making of conscious decisions means the brain is switched on. Conscious decision making allows us to override our routines and patterns of behaviour we have grown accustomed to, particularly our bad habits. By making sure our mind is present in our decision making process and before every action more effective control will be taken of our own lives.

6. Ramadan has the potential to reset your spiritual compass and give your life renewed direction. Create a list of the ways you wish to improve your life spiritually and in other ways. Intentions function somewhat like targets and goals in today’s modern management speak. Various studies have shown the link between having a goal, writing that goal down, telling others of the goal and success in actual attainment of the goal. Setting purpose to un-defined aspiration, having a plan with tangible targets, gives practical force to a mere hope.  Remember to include ‘Insha’Allah’, God-willing, for what you intend.


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