• What is WhatsUpAjman?

    WhatsUpAJman is a growing online community in the United Arab Emirates and  a place for you to discover, share, and track everything awesome that is happening in Ajman and on the Internet as soon as it happens.

  • How do I post to WhatsUpAjman?

    Sign up for an account here. Then click “CREATE” link on the Top Right  to open up the Editor posting interface.

    You can post standalone items such as a video or an image, and you can also post lists of stuff - all using the same interface!

    Once you’ve added your content, write a good headline and a description and add a thumbnail to the post. Doing this part well is essential if you want your post to succeed.

  • What should I post to WhatsUpAjman?

    Post cool, funny, interesting stuff that you’ve found around you or online or made yourself that you think has a strong chance of going viral and being shared by other people. Better yet, post lists of things. 

  • What should I avoid posting to WhatsUpAjman?

    Porn, spam, etc. Don’t post those things, as they will likely result in the removal of your account or curtailment of your posting privileges. :(

  • What happens to the stuff I post to WhatsUpAjman?

    Your posts will automatically go for Review and then get displayed to the Community once approved.

  • Something offended me. What do I do?

    Let us know using this form. DO NOT RESPOND TO THE PERSON WHO OFFENDED YOU. It only makes them worse.

  • I posted something first but it didn’t get featured. Why?

    Opps. This one’s a tough one. First of all: It’s not personal. Buuuuut …. WhatsUpAjman will automatically Feature posts that are Sticky.

  • What are Reactions?

    Reactions are a simple way for you to express your reaction to a post. We use these signals to help categorize, and feature the best content. You only get three per post so use them wisely!